Certificate Course in Fashion Modelling

Certificate/Diploma In Fashion Modelling Is A Professional And Comprehensive Certificate Program That Educates Talented, Aspiring Individuals About The Highly Competitive Fashion Industry. This Course Includes Grooming Sessions, Hands-On Training, Demonstrations, And Special Events. Students Who Receive Their Certificate In Fashion Modelling Will Be Uniquely Qualified To Pursue Their Career In The Industry.

Modelling Is Not As Simple As It Looks. To Work As A Model One Should Be Prepared To Handle Stress, Manage Late Working Hours, Win Competitions, Bear With Inconsistent Schedule And So On. Taking Up This Course Will Help To Overcome The So-Called Hurdles And Emerge Successfully. It Gives the Confidence To Come Out With Flying Colours.

Certificate Course In Fashion Modelling

The Course Content Is Structured In Such A Way That It Covers The Basics, Nuances And The Details Of Modelling. The Workshop Is Held For Two Days To Ensure Maximum Learning And Benefit To The Student. This Course Includes Introduction To Modelling; Personality Development Techniques In Projecting Self Confidence; How To Take Care Of One’s Nutrition, Diet And Fitness With Detailed Tips; Tricks For Grooming One’s Skin, Hair, And Smile; Basics Of Applying Professional Makeup; Techniques To Ace At Modelling And At The Runway; The Importance Of Poise And Posture; The Psychology Of Fashion; Basics Of Fashion Styling; Guidance On Pageantry And Casting; Self Branding And Building A  Remarkable And Stunning Portfolio.

  • Duration: 2 Days (15 Hours)
  • Only Weekend Classes
  • Fees: Rs. 5500/-

Advance Diploma in Fashion Modelling

The Advanced Diploma Is Fashion Modelling Covers The A To Z Of The Field. It Is Meant To Give The Student An Extensive And Detailed Insight. The Course Module Includes Introduction To Modelling, Basics And Types Of Modelling; Professional Runway Training; Do’s And Don’ts Of Modelling; Practical Make-Up/Beauty Sessions That Include Personal Grooming, Nutrition And Diet, Hair Care And Styling, Deportment, Posture And Body Language; Fashion And Wardrobe; Fitness Session; Social And Business Etiquette; Speech Enhancement And Communication Skills; Image Consultancy And Approaching Fashion Agencies & Coordinators.

Students Will Are Guided On How To Prepare For A Career As A Professional Model, Along With Advice And Guidance To Approach Reputed Casting And Promotional Model Agencies. Students Will Be Taught To Prepare Portfolios And Composite Cards. The Course Also Focuses On The Aspect Of Health And Emotional Well Being. Students Will Be Trained To Build A Positive Mind-Set Towards Facing Failures, Rejection And Criticism. An Insight Into Showroom And Promotional Modelling Is Also Included.

The Knowledge Required To Become A Model Is Gained Through This Course, Which Also Enables The Students To Learn All The Latest And Most Useful Modelling Tips. Students Are Taught To Move, Pose And Get Photographed To Ensure The Best Results To Control Facial Expressions To Convey The Right Tone. This Training Will Also Help The Students To Improve Posture For An Attractive Poise.

Participate In A Professional Photography Session Which Is An Ideal Start For Your Portfolio. Learn How To Apply Professional Model Make-Up, Suitable For Future Modelling Jobs. It Includes Contouring And Shading Techniques Taught By A Professional Make-Up Artist. This Course Will Enable Students To Conquer Casting With Confidence. In Addition, This Self Branding And Promotion Is Also Taught. Compiling Incredible Portfolio Pictures Will Become An Easy Task. Career Support Will Be Provided Once The Course Is Completed.

  • Duration: 10 Days (60 Hours)
  • Only Weekend Classes Including Visual Profile & Portfolio
  • Fees: Rs. 26000/-

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